How To Keep Your Waterhog Floor Mats Clean And Well Maintained

We stock a huge variety of commercial mats, which you are probably aware of already. The Waterhog Impressions HD logo mats, however, are a favorite of ours. These are the ones that everyone in the business uses whenever there is going to be a lot of foot traffic in an area that is going to be extremely drenched.

These mats should be placed at the entrance of any business that operates in an area that frequently experiences wet weather.

The Waterhog mats are entirely manufactured in the United States, are available in nine distinct hues, and each one can collect 1.5 gallons of water per square yard.

The question “How do you clean Waterhog Mats? We are often asked

The short answer is that you clean them in much the same way that you would clean other mats, but if you’d like more information on how to properly clean and maintain Waterhog floor mats, you can find that below…

Mats For Preventing Slipping On Dry Floors

If the mat is dry, you should first shake it out and then vacuum it with a commercial or industrial vacuum, which has significantly more power than a residential vacuum. (Always close your eyes when you’re shaking out mats so that you don’t get any dirt or dust in your eyes.)

At the very least once per day, dry mats that are currently in use should have their contents shook out and vacuumed. Shake the mats out and vacuum them more than once a day if they are becoming extremely soiled as a result of the high volume of foot traffic.

Wet Mats

It is recommended to use a garden hose to clean wet Waterhog mats as well as dry mats that require a more in-depth cleaning. If it is possible, tilt the mat ever-so-slightly, and then hose off the mats from one end to the other using a vigorous spray of water rather than a power washer.

You can also steam clean them, which is probably not necessary, but you can use shampoo on them while you’re hosing them down, and you can clean them with the steam cleaner. After that, arrange them in a flat surface so that they can dry.

You Should Always Keep Your Mats Clean.

When it comes to performance, clean mats will almost always come out on top. Therefore, you should make it a habit to clean your mats on a regular basis and ensure that you have a sufficient number of mats so that you can replace mats that are dirty and in need of attention with mats that are clean.

Because it takes mats several hours to dry, you will need another mat to use in its place while the first mat is drying.

The use of mats is a simple and low-cost way to increase the safety of any area. Mats improve traction, prevent dirt and water from being tracked through your space, and, in the case of Waterhog mats, actually trap water within the mat itself.