SEO For Construction Companies

You may or may not have heard of search engine optimization if you own a construction company. Depending on the market you are in, you might be able to get significant leads or contracts via word-of-mouth advertising, print advertising, or any other non-digital marketing avenue. Construction is one of those indispensable businesses that is ubiquitous and in high demand.

You may not be aware of the potential leads that you might be missing if you don’t have an SEO campaign. Although word-of-mouth is a powerful tool for contractors and can help build loyal customers, it’s not enough to capture market share like SEO can in a large industry such as construction. When done correctly, SEO for construction companies can often reveal a host of new business opportunities.

Home improvement is highly competitive and saturated, as you may have noticed. It generates more than a trillion dollars in annual revenue each year, with 680,000 workers and employers 680,000. This would make it reasonable to expect all construction companies to invest in digital marketing. Surprisingly, however, not all of them are particularly small businesses that may not realize the importance of digital marketing or fail to recognize its value.

Organic Search For The Home Improvement Industry

Construction contractors-especially small business contractors-are a local business, and as such need to position their SEO to target local markets. This includes optimizing Google My Business listings and directory listings, targeting local keywords, creating and optimizing page location pages, obtaining backlinks via trusted local web sources, and encouraging and responding to customers to leave reviews.

Contractor Marketing Gurus offers all this and more through our local SEO services for contractors. Our track record is in connecting local construction companies to SEO professionals with industry knowledge to rank them higher on Google. This results in more traffic, leads, and business.

Local businesses are required to be active on social media in these modern times. Locally-based contractors such as those in construction are extremely valuable. Customers often review, rate, and discuss local businesses on social media. Online customer engagement can do wonders for customer retention and satisfaction. It can even transform a 1-star review into a 4- or 5-star review.

Contractor Marketing Guru’s social media team understands the importance of social media for local contractors. They have executed numerous social media campaigns that helped our client clients keep a strong presence on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, YouTube, and others.

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