The importance of Creativity in Advertising

The competition is hard as all the industries are evolving. If you are not launching any unique product or service, it’s hard to survive in the game. In case you are planning to compete against existing products already having a strong customer base, then it’s going to be real tough. However, a simple creative approach can totally change the game. You just need to think all about marketing in a creative manner and you can go right up in the game. So what’s the importance of creativity in advertising?

●       Your Identity

Once you choose to be unique from the existing brands and rules, you get noticed. Nobody apprehended that social media will be such a boon. But somewhere someone thought it to be useful and made the most out of social media. Now, you can see that almost all the business giants rely on social media for determining their audience. Let’s take the Morphe makeup brand for example. It started on social media, made use of social media users and now, became a staple brand. This is how they creatively used their strategy to create their identity.

●       Same Product, New Approach

Let’s not forget how online cooking, online fitness classes and online dating became a thing. There are many such examples but one thing common between these formats is that they revamped the old model but presented it in a new way. Now, people can take subscriptions online to do the same thing that they could have learnt for free. This is how creativity impacts business.

●       Storytelling

Every brand has a story to tell. But now, do not keep that story to yourself. Share the story with your audiences and let them keep connected. The storytelling format will certainly feel personal and help the brands to feel connected to your journey. Share every step and struggle in a creative format. This will help the customers put trust in your journey and you can see how this creative format will bear results.

●       The Power of Behind the Scenes

People always wanted to show the glamour and finesse of the finished product. But no one shared the struggles behind making a product come to shape. However, let’s change that format. Social Media platforms are always available to share behind the scene stories. Record it, take interviews of your employees, share their experience, show the hardships. An unfiltered life will invite the audiences to think of the brand to be their own. Even share interviews of the employees working there. Many top brands have followed this creative format and have seen their brand grow out of nothing. So, get creative with your ideas.

Explore your creative side to find out what you are potential for. Creative advertising has been implemented by many brands and they have seen positive results as well. So, try your creative strategy and keep yourself motivated for your business growth.