Web Design For Non-Programmers

Are you a non-coder? Looking to build your very first business website? Can a website be created without a single line of code being written by you? The answer in this current day and age is a resounding yes. How is this possible you ask? The answer lies in Content Management Systems (CMS).

Before we dive into what exactly is a CMS and how it can be used to deliver your first business website, let us first look at the origins of web design.

The Original Barriers to Web Design

Web design and development has existed for decades as a skillset reserved for coders and programmers. Initially, each website had to be custom coded, meaning that every bit of it was made painstakingly from lines of individually written code. Even for skilled coders, a website took a significant amount of time to write.

For non-programmers, this was completely prohibitive. Even if you were to learn and memorise a few commonly found code elements, it would be insufficient. Coding in of itself is a language, which meant that syntax and structure had to be adhered to. As such, similar to that of a word in a sentence, a piece of code could produced dramatically different effects when combined with others.

The Evolution of Web Design – Content Management Systems

CMS revolutionised the field of web design to a large degree, allowing non-coders to by pass the prerequisite of coding knowledge. By having a drag and drop visual interface whereby non-programmers could place their elements while code generated automatically on the backend, you could now create a fully functional website without typing a single line of code.

For those who had some foundation in coding, CMS gave them an advantage in speed. With many fully flashed out templates for use, coders could now quickly tweak the template to produce a website that met the demands of the client within a short span of time. In this same vein, non-coders could also find help in communities that provided sample html or css codes with guidelines on how to manually inject them into the CMS.

Why WordPress is the World’s Favourite CMS

Did you know that about 1 in 3 websites in the world use WordPress as its CMS? While there are many other CMS on the market such as Magento and Wix, WordPress has consistently emerged as a global favourite. This stems from the vast amount of support that it has in terms of complimentary plugins, SEO-friendly structure and degree of customisation offered.

Finding a WordPress Web Design Agency

If you are keen to get an agency to help create a fully functional, beautiful and converting website, then it is time to do your research. Find a Web design Singapore agency who specialises in web design and who has a track record of delivering for clients in your field. This is one of the best indicators of having a smooth web development experience with them.

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