Why Custom Stickers Could Give Your Brand the Boost it Needs in 2020

The modern day marketing scene is one that is saturated with advertising messages. Studies show that on average, you would have received no less than thousands of marketing messages in a single day. It is no wonder that we mostly tune out most messages without even realising it. For business owners, the challenge then arises for how we can pierce through all the noise and reach our target audience.

The Importance of an Integrated Approach

We believe that there is no one correct and fully trusted method for reaching users. But rather, a combination of approaches, integrated with each other, is required to engage audiences. This approach has been backed up by multi-touch point studies which have successfully demonstrated that consumers hardly ever make a purchase after just one interaction with your brand. Instead, they require multiple meetings with your brand in order to even remember it.

How Stickers Fit Into This Approach

Stickers have traditionally been favoured for their cost effectiveness as well as their mobility. However, due to dull designs and uncreative usage, they gradually fell out of favour as consumers largely ignored them.

For stickers to play an active role in the modern day integrated approach, they have to be used in a much more strategic manner. This starts from designing them to be social. Not unlike the way campaigns are made for social media, stickers too can be shared amongst communities.

At the end of the day, messages that are designed well will resonate with their target audience. In return, the target audience will reciprocate and attempt to share it in their own little way. This allows them to communicate with others about their beliefs and likes.

Great examples of stickers that are built for sharing and communicating includes those that contain strong messages or attractive brand characters. These are highly shareable due to their ability to resonate with the target audience.

The Benefits of this Approach

The effectiveness of a peer to peer marketing approach lies in its ability to slice through the clutter of advertising. People trust their family and friends’ opinions the most, as such their likes and dislikes do carry substantial weight. Moreover, it is a highly cost effective approach as it focuses only on starting the chain of messages rather than reaching out to every individual.

Getting Custom Sticker Printing Services

Custom Sticker Printing services will be required in the production of your campaign’s stickers. This is an important execution point as you will want to avoid using any standard sticker designs. Doing so would doom your brand to be just one of the millions of voices in the market that are ignored by your target audience. Instead, spend the effort to make designs that your loyal supporters will be proud to display in public.

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