Dedicated Rental Server: All You Need to Know

Keeping your web site applications and hardware up to date are probably the most difficult tasks but thanks to web host providers you get to lease or rent a web server for your exclusive use and that server would be responsible for managing and planning site traffic on your web site.

So what are these internet hosting services am I talking about and how do you opt for a dedicated server rental? All these questions shall be answered and by the end of this article, you already know what web server you’d be leasing.

Dedicated Server

As mentioned above, a dedicated server is just one type of web hosting service. This type of web hosting service gives you a web server that is for your exclusive use. This would be advisable only if your web site has been attracting and creating a considerably large amount of site traffic since a dedicated servers  are not necessarily cheap. Another advantage of having a dedicated server is the promise of security.

Since you are the only person who is able to use the web server, any information which is either financial or personal given out by your client is kept secure. A dedicated server had several types of which are fully managed, managed, self-managed and unmanaged dedicated servers of which are all self-explanatory.

Managing a dedicated server would thus depend on the type of dedicated server you would lease. If you would opt for a fully managed dedicated server then you would have no problems whatsoever with updates and monitoring since your web provider would do that for you. The opposite goes for an unmanaged dedicated server where managing this web server would depend wholly on your skills on running a server.

Renting a Dedicated Server

Once you decide on how much you are willing to spend for a dedicated server and weighing it alongside the site traffic in your web site then you are ready to lease or rent a dedicated server. A lot of deals or packages on dedicated server rental are available online. The cheapest dedicated servers, of course, would be the unmanaged type of dedicated servers which would only cost you around 3000 INR per month.

Price ranges of dedicated servers would reach up to 11000 INR per month. However, do keep in mind that when you opt for a dedicated server rental that the profit you get from your web site would be the factor from which you would be able to rent a dedicated server.

The advantages of a dedicated server always outweigh the price even if it may look like a bit too much but in the end if it is able to upgrade your web site applications and hardware and keep your web site at the top of the charts when it comes to site traffic then the money you lease for a dedicated server is all worth it.

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